Linkchild Association

tick green2The Linkchild Association is a Swiss Association located in Geneva based on the Swiss Law art. 60-79 from the Swiss Civil Code. The activities of the Association are dedicated to the underprivileged people specially the children and the mothers suffering from illnesses and poverty in countries of war or economic difficulties.

tick green2Linkchild Association is the sister of the French Association Link created also by Nagatt Al Zuheiri of Yemeni origins who studied in Europe, Link was created in 2001 during her studies trip to Yemen for university researches. After her researches, she decided to dedicated all her network and knowledge she has for the benefice of underprivileged people specially mothers and children who suffered from various illnesses in public hospitals and she started with Yemen.

tick green2Linkchild Association is composed of:

  • An Accountant
  • A Secretary General
  • A Chairman
  • A Vice President

tick green2Linkchild Association already sent essential medecines ordered by Dr Guy-André Leouille French pedatrician and consultant for Linkchild Association and financed the salary of the nurse in charge of the 2nd home club we opened on september 2009 in AsSabeen Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen, this thanks to the first charity night we organized in 2007.

tick green2 Association now focuses on 2 projects in Yemen. Those projects are :

  • Emergency food assistance in Yemen
  • Program Make A Boy A Man. Helping futur generation to built projects that have real impact on social and economic environment.